Monday, January 10, 2011

ADX Portfolio Update

ADX portfolio triggers 2 sell signals.  

1. BEAT has been trading with the ADX below 20 for 6 days - Sell. 
2. CPF gives sell signal based on a new criteria I believe is valuable to the system.  

  1. After the ADX closes with a 35, you sell the position on the 5th day it closes at 35 consecutively. (If it closes above for 3 days, then dips below for 2, and back up for 2 more up days, you now have to wait 3 more days for the signal to confirm)
  2. A 40% gain closes out the position.
  3. Stock losses 15% closes out position.
  4. DI - crosses above 20 you sell after 5th consecutive day.
  5. ADX indicator moves below 20 for a period of 5 days.
  6. New Rule(If the ADX hits 40 with the - DMI under 5, it constitutes a sell)

So far the system has generated a near 7% return for the year not included unrealized losses/gains.We have $5341.51 cash.  We will look for new opportunities in the coming days.

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