About Pollux Technicals

ME - Chicago Triathlon
Pollux Technicals is a blog about technical trading ideas for global markets, particularly equities. It is managed by Gentry Prescott Rouse, who has over 10yrs of market experience in different capacities. I learned to trade stocks in college online in 1999, which was around the beginning of the @home trading scene. I had a dial up connection on a Datek platform with a mouse spun 500mhz Dell. I'm the epitome of the bare knuckled, self taught trader, straight from the origination years of when online trading began. The next ten years went something like this.  I made a ton.  I lost a ton.  I made a ton. I lost a ton. Or something like that. Kind of sounds familiar, right? But that's not important here, what is important are the lessons learned, mistakes made, and the deeper understanding of what to do and what not to do.

So this is why I write this blog - to share my knowledge and passion of trading, technical analysis and the global markets. My objective of the blog is to give you investing strategies and themes from which to build. And to offer analysis and research that you can apply to your portfolio. 

So why the picture of me swimming? I am also a triathlete - nationally ranked in Olympic and Half-Ironman distances - and this has probably taught me the single most import thing in investing, and probably in life - patience!  It is by far the biggest aggregator of personal reward - it is the seed soaking up water, building reserves from which to sprout. Like triathlons, it's the patience, along with the understanding that there will be losses,victories, misses and opportunities - times to push your trading and times to pull back.  It's about keeping in the race to see the finish line, even if you have to slow yourself down to a crawl to do so - it's making sure you finish the race and the race doesn't finish you.

One must approach trading as if it were a triathlon, not a quick, get rich sprint.  Even the masters will tell you that there is always more to learn -  cause I live by this motto: a true master, never masters!! And its the importance of those lessons learned while in the long, lean, hard fought days, when you must remain clear, focused, and mentally available; otherwise, trading will overcome you, the market will beat you and the finish line will escape you.

As the new decade of trading continues and everyone chimes in with their opinions about what tomorrow brings, all I know for sure is the next 10 years of trading will be very different than the last 10 years.  And new ideas, thoughts, styles, strategies, and indicators will be used and local, regional, and global economic variables will emerge. I wish you the best in your endeavors - trading and life - good luck!