Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sell in May - VIX and DJIA = QUAD strategies.

VIX at support. DJIA is at resistance.

We should have a meandering market for remaining of summer. Above is the VIX vs. DJIA. The DJIA had a great run since mid march and this is normal. Whether we attempt at old lows or not is not the question, but rather creating a strategy as stocks get cheap to put any cash to work is what one should be looking at. Play a 1/3 Quad Strategy - start purchasing stocks at different price levels within the range channel - you could even play a 1/2 Quad Strategy - with a negative 1/3 backup. Look at charts for details.

QUAD Strategy... the channel quadrant is now divided by 1/3(the green lines) which represent entry points....the blue lines represents the 1/2 strategy which would delay buying until the 1200 area or half of the first quadrant. And then we would put a negative 1/2 quadrant entry point below to give us some insurance(blue lines)...That would give us 2 strategies to get back into markets. QUAD 1/3 is more bullish toned than more bearish 1/2 QUAD.

Look for August at an attempt to breakout out of the corrective market pattern. As oil stays lofty, only time can create the perception that 3.50 is now cheap gas, so as oil hovers here, the market will not go anywhere. A pullback in oil will give the markets a reason to cheer, until then, its a bumpy ride.

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