Friday, July 18, 2008

UNG - Throwback finds support.

UNG: Accumulate.

The first chart is a revised version of the ETF: UNG. The second chart is the first analysis that was formulated, and shows the beginning of the technical term "throwback". It looks as though it penetrated below the first support I had drawn and hit the 2nd support line - also its 200 EMA. UNG will likely bounce/consolidate for the rest of summer/year.
Look for the commodity complex for some of the best day trading setups going as the volatility has now increased on this correction. Play the patterns, which there tend to be many triangles in the commodity world, but technical analysis has to be malleable in some form, so when you're looking for one thing, it's always another. This correction is better for the overall long term pricing of commodities and will create the base from which prices will go higher. UNG is now in accumulation.

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