Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mixed Signals and Weak Technicals - VIX and DJIA

The VIX's thrust to new highs from the 35-40 area to the historic 80 area in Sept. and Oct. brought the market to it's knees - from 11500 to 7500 in a month. Now the VIX is back to 40 and the market can't sustain any sort of rally that has legs - this may be problematic short term - and may be signaling more volatility soon.

VIX and DJIA show more range bound technicals and signals; even the possiblity for a scare of more volatility in the coming week or days. The last blog analysis of the VIX and DJIA relationship put the DJIA target at 9500 when the VIX would correct to the 50 area - it bounced and the market corrected from the 9500 area- that was correct, but what hasn't proven itself is the test of the 40 area on the VIX which, I believed, would have the DJIA higher than 9500 since the VIX at 50 equated to 9500 on the DJIA, so you would think a break into the 40 area would equate with a higher price than 9500. Well, the VIX is now at 40 but the market is well below 9500, it right now sits at dismal 8599, and well short of the 10500 target with a VIX at 40. With the VIX now at the 40 support it now seems like 25-35 area on the VIX would be needed in order for the DJIA target of 10500 to be achieved.

Looking forward, the VIX has still not hit its large support area around 25-35(congestion area), although a bounce on the 200EMA is currently in progress, and knowing the 50EMA is reading 50.40 on overhead resistance, the current bounce should have resistance there and come back down toward the ever so slight drag to the 25-35 area - maybe this can finally get the market back to 10500. What is concerning is that the DJIA hasn't moved far for a 50% correction in the VIX. Can the 25-35 area be the true test the VIX needs to be at before we see any sort of a sustained bull run in the DJIA - or is the VIX going to fade into the distance for the mean time while other patterns/indicators become more prevalent.

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