Sunday, June 22, 2008

COW - Livestock Total Return - BUY.

Wouldn't you know it - meat prices are rising.

COW - yes, that's right - is trending higher and everyone wants a piece of it. Volume is increasing substantially here and it has carved itself out since the IPO price. I would look for first resistance at 47 and then the breakout point at 50. The only indicator I'm really looking at here is the MACD's(Moving Average Convergence/Divergence), a stocks momentum, which has shown some positive divergence as is seen with the peeling away of the indicator(Bullish Crossover).

This analysis is truly only a momentum play - a special situation if you will. IPO's have no track record so it can be a dangerous play because if we believe in Technical Analysis - which is the reading of the overall condition of the stocks past performance relative to the future performance, well IPO's don't have any history from which to track. During "mania's" IPO's are nothing more than momentum plays - pure and simple - yes, occasionally you get a GOOG, but for the most part these stocks are meant for short term traders so, buyers beware.

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