Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trading Dryships - BUY

Things to consider unrelated to Technical Analysis:

- Shipping Rates
- Merchant Shipping Capacity
- Dow Theory(transports) - Shipping is the global equivalent.

This one is a beautiful looking chart that has many great technicals that are easy to identify. We recently bought DRYS at 60 - near the end of the triangle in the first chart - and sold it incrementally on its way to 110. Sold 1/3 at 85, 1/3 at 95 and the last1/3 at 110. As it drifted to 115 and near the resistance from the peak of October, we went short because of the technical divergences and have now covered all short positions.

Now DRYS is pulling a great technical shift again. Let's look at the MACD's on the 2nd chart near the neutral line, in which will test if the trend can continue upwards. The AROON recenly popped negative which sometimes indicates a lagging market, or another words, the selling is now nearing an end. The entry point is where the technicals could shift, and also look at the MA's which is where major support exists.

We will place a sell-stop at around 68 which is well below where the stock is now, but this is the risk management portion of what a good trader will always keep in mind. At these levels, DRYS is a buy.

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